It’s all about the customer – this age-old adage cannot be truer in our case. And we have their valuable support to thank for our achievement of being the world’s largest chain of modern Thai restaurants.

Our concept is inspired by the needs of customers who want to dine amidst a relaxed yet contemporary ambience with no strict rules on decorum, still enjoy fantastically authentic Thai cuisine and at very reasonable prices. Best of all, they can enjoy whether in a group or alone, kudos to our unique serving style of individual portions.

It is a bold interpretation of Thai cuisine, from the usual exotic positioning in fine dining restaurants, and communal dining style, no doubt. But, we have been Successful as proven in more than 30 restaurants in countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore achieved in the past 10 years. Our appeal has now achieved a global standing amongst customers from a myriad of countries.


More than just a restaurant, we are a destination for you to convene with friends, share, dine and enjoy the experience of Thai indigenous spices, good food and great service.

And this experience so well savoured has been the basis on which we have formed many lasting friendships with our customers.


  • “Thai Select” Brand awarded by the Royal Thai Government certifying authenticity in our brand and food.
  • Singapore Promising Brand Award, testament to the potential of our brand.
  • Excellent Service Award (Singapore), a thumbs up for our hospitality.
  • ISO 9001 certification for conformance to food preparation and food serving processes.
  • Our Thai chefs have been awarded multiple prestigious awards for their culinary creations.


Sa-nook! in Thai means to have fun. We want all our customers to have fun. It’s a mission we want to achieve.

“It’s going to be One Ride you’ll enjoy!” a commonly heard welcome phrase for new staff.

30 persons from Across Borders from our R&D team of Thai Chefs in Singapore and our Consultant Chef in Thailand to conceptualise our menu.

130 sets of taste buds… savoured the dishes on our menu, gave a thumbs up before we presented it to you.

Two-centuries old – The dessert, Look Chup, has a history of some two centuries, as recorded by some books in Thailand. We’re talking about a grand old dame of dessert here.

10 minutes each – To make one batch of Look Chup. It’s intricate attention to details and patience to make this dessert that is pretty on the eye and delicious on the palate.

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